The Speed Mechanics Training Facility is home to not only elite athletes and coaches, but also to a revolving group of interns as well. As a company that has a passion for the education of athletic minds young and old, we strive to provide our athletes with a supplemental set of eyes and ears, creating the best possible experience.

Jack Rachwalski

Fourth year Kinesiology student at Camosun

Born and raised in Victoria, growing up playing several sports but ultimately focusing on hockey.

Once I finished my 4th and final year of my Junior career I was able to turn my passion for sport and fitness into my post secondary career, pursuing my Bachelors in Sport and Fitness Leadership from Camosun. Currently have my CSEP – CPT certification.

Kiara Kilbey

BSc Honours, Kinesiology at UVIC

Born and raised in Victoria, Kiara has always been a west coast island gal who loves the outdoors and being active. Kiara has been playing soccer since she was a 6 – year – old who didn’t know that shin pads are supposed to go under the socks.

This eventually led to playing soccer on the Vikes varsity soccer team at UVic. Being a high – level athlete sparked Kiara’s interest in pursuing a degree in kinesiology with aspirations of a career related to sport performance. Kiara loves using her academic and athletic background while working with athletes to help them perform their best in both training and competition.

Mike Soles

BSc Kinesiology at Camosun

From a young age, sports have always played a major role in my life. They have taught me several key life lessons such as the importance of discipline, hard work, & resilience that I have carried with me throughout my education & ongoing fitness journey.

While I was naturally athletic, I felt as though I never really reached my full potential due to a lack of any structured training. It wasn’t until after high school that I started training consistently & after seeing the progress I was making that I became more interested in strength & conditioning.