AP Football Off-Season Prep

A picture of AP Football Off-Season Prep with Speed Mechanics
Are you looking to prepare for your upcoming football season and be in your best shape for camp? If you’re a ‘Skill’ player, then we’ll focus on speed and explosive development. If you’re a ‘Big’, then we’ll focus on size and explosiveness off the line. If you’re a ‘Big Skill’, then we’ll focus on size, speed, and overall athleticism.

Our ninety-minute training sessions will focus on speed, strength, power, and football-specific conditioning relative to your position. Speed Mechanics has broken it down so that on Monday’s and Thursday’s – athletes will focus on both skill and speed work, followed by plyometrics and their main lifts. On Tuesday’s and Friday’s – athletes will focus on general conditioning, grappling for contacts, and supplemental lifts.

Skills will include positionally specific work focused on receiver skills, defensive skills, and linemen drills. Speed work will progress through the offseason from more linear acceleration work to more complex skills, routes, and agility work. Plyometrics will focus on building jump capacity and progressing to more explosive movements in preparation for the season. The main strength lifts will include things like Olympic lifts or variations, squats, deadlifts, bench press, and heavy pulls.

Tuesdays and Fridays will focus on general conditioning like bodyweight and medicine ball circuits, sled work, and different forms of grappling drills. Grappling will allow athletes to work on foundational skills for contact sports in a controlled environment and will progress in complexity and intensity as the season approaches. This will be very important for any of the defensive positions, but also important for the offensive players to learn how to manipulate bodies within their space. The supplemental lifts on these days will focus on smaller movements that will facilitate recovery and strengthen weaker areas that can be prone to injury for football players.
A picture of AP Football Off-Season Prep with Speed Mechanics

Of Note: At the conclusion of Football Off-Season Prep, attendees will receive a pre and post camp report. Results from 10 and 20 metre sprints, Pro-Agility, Tribe conditioning Test, vertical and broad jumps, and isometric mid-thigh pulls (strength) will be representative of testing from Week 1 and your final week. State-of-the-art equipment from Sorinex, GymAware, Hawkins Dynamic, and Dashr will play an integral role in supporting strength & conditioning components of the program. Additionally, enrollees have access to discounted BioSteel and protein supplements.

Commitment = 3/4-days per week and 90 minutes per session
Time = M/Tu and Th/F from 4-5:30pm or 5:30-7pm
Coach = Rylie Matthews

Pricing = 3 days @ $265 /Middle School/High School

Pricing = 4 days @ $325 /Middle School/High School
*Team rates = 10+ members @ 10% discounted rate
**Team rates = 20+ members @ 15% discounted rate