AP Hockey Off-Season Program

A picture of AP Hockey Off-Season Program with Speed Mechanics
The off-season is an important time for the developing hockey athlete. This time away from competition and hard practice allows the hockey athlete to build the strength, resiliency, and conditioning required for the long season ahead. Hockey is one of the most skilled sports on the planet due to the speed of the game, the complexity of play, and the physical contact that occurs. Therefore, a strategic approach to offseason hockey training is best due to the gameplay’s high level of skill and complexity.
The first goal of an offseason program is to gain strength. An appropriate strategy for gaining strength will help athletes be more explosive on the ice and more effective in contact. The second goal of the program is to build resiliency and robustness within the athlete. The most important aspect of getting better at any sport is practicing and competing. A more resilient athlete will spend more time available to play and less time injured. The third goal of the program is to develop the energy systems required to be effective on ice. Hockey requires substantial involvement of both anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. Athletes who have strong bases of both will be able to play more minutes and be more effective deep into their shifts.
From session to session, athletes will be put through training modules aligned with the three goals highlighted above. In addition, these sessions will begin with a physical prep series – designed to prime the body to move for the day and build resiliency in some of the most common areas injured in hockey, such as the hips, groin, and shoulders.
After movement prep, the coaching staff will move each athlete into strength and power work. Athletes can expect to be closely coached while performing strength lifts in a safe and education-based environment. At the same time, each athlete will be encouraged to challenge themselves, pushing their abilities as they build physical capacity. Conditioning activities will take place on their own or prior to prep work. Each conditioning session will be specifically developed to work the systems required for hockey – meaning it will be high-value work, not just mindless movement.
The Speed Mechanics Hockey program has three-day and four-day options. This model allocates an additional day to allow the more advanced and trained athletes extra time to build the physical capacities required for their future success.


3 days per week @ 90-minute sessions = $265 /Middle School/High School
4 days per week @ 90-minute sessions = $325 /Middle School/High School

Start Dates

Program starting May 30th, 2022
Registration begins May 16th, 2022