Bike Fitting

A picture of Bike Fitting with Speed Mechanics

Mikayla Ogrodniczuk
MPT, BKin – Registered Physiotherapist

Mikayla is from Vancouver, BC where she completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology in Health Sciences and her Master of Physical Therapy at UBC. While at UBC, she was a five-year member and two-year Assistant Captain with the UBC Women’s Hockey team. While completing her Master of Physical Therapy, Mikayla also competed for and Co-Captained the UBC Cycling team.

Bike Fitting

Speed Mechanics now offers Bike Fitting for athletes. This is much more than a simple “bike shop fitting” and the effects can be game changing.

This appointment is appropriate for any client who has not had their bike fit before, are looking to improve their fit despite having a “bike fit” at their local bike shop, or are looking to elevate their position and performance on their bike.

The initial 2 hour appointment is where Mikayla will gather a variety of information from you about your cycling history, injury history, goals and any current pain/discomfort on your bike. From there, she will complete a whole-body range of motion and strength assessment to determine if there’s any special considerations that need to be made to ensure the best bike fit.

The “Lab” –  The Lab at Speed Mechanics offers some of the most advanced testing equipment used by pro athletes all over the world. Mikayla will first set your bike up on a stationary trainer. You will then be asked to ride your bike on the trainer while Mikayla takes video and measurements. From there, adjustments are then  made to the seat height/position, handlebar position/height, and cleat position.

After the bike fit, Mikayla will send a recap of all the measurements and adjustments made as well as provide any recommendations for further treatment or strength training for the client.

To book an initial bike fit, please book your visit HERE

Bike RE-Fitting

This is a 1 hour appointment appropriate for those who have already completed the full 2hr bike fit initial assessment & fit with Mikayla within the last calendar year. This appointment will consist of fine-tuning the previous bike fit. This assessment does not include any portion in the treatment room/clinic. Ideal If you have bought a new bike or would like further modifications to a bike that has already been fit by Mikayla (within the last year).

To book a Bike RE-Fitting, please book your visit HERE

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