Cancellation & Holds Policy


Membership cancellation requests must be received before or within the first five business days of the billing period. Requests made before the start of the billing period will be honoured without charge.

Requests made within the first seven days will be refunded ONLY if no services have been used during the period; these will be accompanied by a $20 administrative fee. No requests will be honoured for service already used during the billing period.

Cancellation requests must be made either:

  • in person at the front desk
  • by phone call
  • by email

Requests must be made by the member or credit card holder, and written or phone requests must include the name of the member.

Exceptions may be made at our discretion in case of extenuating circumstances.




1. Accounts placed on hold/suspended

An account is considered on hold once it is put into suspension by a Speed Mechanics staff member. Account holders will have full access to their Gym Master account; however, clients will not be able to book sessions that occur during the hold period.

During the hold period, account members will only be able to book for sessions that occur post-hold. The duration of the hold will be approved by a staff member for a finite period of time. This agreed upon period of time will have a defined start date and expiration date.

Account holders will be notified by email 72 hours before the hold period is set to expire. The email will be a reminder to take action, if necessary. It is the responsibility of the account holder to contact Speed Mechanics via email at [email protected] or by phone at 778-433-7737 to make account adjustments within the 72-hour window.


2. Suspension Fees

There are no fees to place an account on hold. An account can be placed on hold at any time. However, if an account is put on hold and the account holder has consumed membership services in that month, the following month will show a prorated monthly charge, dependent on the length of the hold period.

If a hold period crosses over an account’s regular billing date, then the account will be prorated for the month prior to the hold; the remainder of the new month (after the hold period ends) will be charged on the next billing date along with the new full month’s charge.

For example, if you put a hold on Sept 28-Oct 14 and the billing date is Oct 1st, the account will be prorated for September and October. The next charge will be November 1st and will include October’s partial charge minus 3 days of September, plus a full month of November.

An account that has been placed on hold will not incur fees or charges until a hold becomes expired and the previous account status auto reinstates, activating monthly charges.


3. Notification of Suspension Ending

As a membership holder at Speed Mechanics, your account begins to accrue monthly charges only once an account hold has expired. All account holders will be notified via email of the account suspension ending 72 hours before the hold period ends.


4. Annual Limits for Suspension

Membership accounts at Speed Mechanics can be placed on hold at any time. No account can be put into suspension for a duration longer than 90 days.

Any account holder looking to suspend an account for longer than 90 days will be required to contact Speed Mechanics admin staff at [email protected] to discuss membership alternatives.

Additionally, any account at Speed Mechanics can only be put into suspension a maximum of twice annually.