Referral Programs

Speed Mechanics Referral Programs

The Speed Mechanics Referral Programs offer cashback awards to any qualified organization or Speed Mechanics member that refers and secures new memberships.

The Partner Program

How does it work?

When an organization’s eligible members sign up with Speed Mechanics under one of our applicable memberships, that qualified organization will receive 5% cashback from the net revenue of that membership (and the cumulative net total of all memberships associated with the organization’s participation in the Partner Program).

This amount accrues month over month, for a 6-month period. As our Partner Program operates on a bi-annual basis, an organization could potentially receive a cashback award twice annually.

Enrollment in the Partner Program allows our partnered organizations to share client-costs with Speed Mechanics, where cashback awards can be put towards teams and athletes (i.e., new team jerseys, end-of-year celebrations, tournament entry fees, etc.). Speed Mechanics takes pride in having the opportunity to assist these organizations in supporting their athletes.

The Membership Program

How does it work?

Anytime a current member refers a non-member to Speed Mechanics and that referral is qualified and becomes a new member, the following incentives are awarded to the referring member.

MONTHLY PROGRAM MEMBERS – member receives 50% off next month’s membership dues – up to a max of one *discount per month. Awards can be accrued and realized in consecutive months, based on the number of memberships referred.

*Membership discount applies to referred memberships of equal or higher value to the existing membership

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