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Experience elite coaching with Speed Mechanics.

As specialists in speed, we work with any sport where speed is essential for success.We have years of experience coaching at the elite level for track & field, football, soccer, ice hockey, track cycling, and speed skating.

We obsess over speed and technique and because of that obsession we are here to elevate your speed game. No matter what surface you play on, what sport you play, or what position you are, learning to perform faster, learning how to be more explosive, and learning how to unleash your inner speed freak will increase your performance. Work with Speed Mechanics in person one on one, in small groups, or as a team. Contact Speed Mechanics to set up Speed Camps for your team.

Live Coaching Accelerator Program

Accelerator Program

Level up your top speed with our innovative Accelerator Program. Get a custom-tailored training and speed-boosting program that is developed to your unique sport, level, and training needs.

APEX Institute

APEX provides education and training options that honour the unique demands of elite athletes who are aiming at taking their academic and athletic careers to the highest level. The acronym represents the four types of education offered: Academic, Physical, Elective, & Experiential.

Live Coaching APEX Institute

Speed/Power/Strength Sports