APEX Institute by Speed Mechanics blends education and training for elite athletes in greater Victoria and Vancouver Island

Introducing Vancouver Island's premier school for elite athletes.

At Speed Mechanics, we understand the challenges that busy student-athletes and parents are facing these days. Busy schedules, school courses and timetables transporting kids to numerous activities.

It’s no secret that the various needs of high-performance athletes are difficult to meet in the regular school environment.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the APEX Institute is now open for enrollment
for the September 2023/24 school year!

Providing this opportunity will be an ultimate game changer for student-athletes and their busy parents.

APEX provides education and training options that honour the unique demands of elite athletes who are aiming at taking their academic and athletic careers to the highest level. The acronym represents the four pillars of athlete education:


Receive credit for participating in sport at Victoria’s premier youth- development facility


Intensive training and purposeful programming focus on athletic demands and individual needs


An in-house teacher and classroom offer a dedicated place to work on core courses and elective classes


On-site immersion to achieve a cohesive balance between academics and athletics

At APEX, student-athletes are offered the opportunity to TRAIN and LEARN under
one roof. In addition to our state-of-the-art training facility, students will have
unfettered access to classroom space, sports science testing, an IST (Integrated
Support Team), and much more!

Opportunities for the student athlete

  • Access to Victoria’s elite training facility
  • Designated interactive classroom space
  • State of the art sports-science testing lab
  • Access to mental performance coaches, dietitians, physiotherapists, a chiropractor, athletic therapist, kinesiologist, and clinical counsellor as part of the Speed Mechanics IST model
  • Central location
  • Transportation back to school
  • Expert-level coaching
  • Convenient scheduling model to promote an optimal school-sport-life balance
  • Access to sports performance workshops to build life skills outside of sports and the classroom

Students will have the option of enrolling in the morning or afternoon cohort, enabling them to attend their main school the other half of the day.


“To support student achievement through the delivery of an innovative blended learning program emphasising youth-development through sport”

The APEX Institute at Speed Mechanics offers an unprecedented value for Vancouver Island’s student-athletes. No where else does an athlete have the opportunity to learn, train, and grow through sport-specific education.


PHASE 1: April – June 2021 (Quarter 4)

Most schools are presently operating on a quarter system where students take 2 courses every 10 weeks. It’s likely that a return to regular school timetables in the fall will not be a reality. To assist with that, APEX is offering the opportunity for student athletes to do some, or all, of their schoolwork in our classroom by replacing 1 or 2 of their school courses with Navigate NIDES online courses. This way, they can learn academic and athletic skills in an environment that values excellence in both.

PHASE 2: September 2021

Our goal for this phase is to have enough student interest to allow for the services of a teacher who will be available at APEX Institute to assist students with their Navigate NIDES courses.

Navigate NIDES distanced learning

Why Navigate NIDES?

Navigate NIDES has excelled over the past years in providing students the freedom to fulfill high school graduation requirements at their own pace, time, and place. They offer:

• A full slate of Ministry of Education approved academic online courses required for graduation.

• The PACE Program (Performance Athlete Custom Education)

All Navigate courses are free, online, and Ministry of Education approved courses that can be started and completed at any time during the calendar year. These courses help student athletes develop time management, self discipline, and technical skills required for college and university.


  • Replace mandatory Career Life courses with highly engaging athlete-oriented courses (eg. PACE CLE ATHLETE replaces CLE.)

  • Design PACE Independent Study (IDS) courses to gain graduation credits for the work they are doing at APEX as well as with their teams and coaches.

  • Design a personalized recruiting web page to promote themselves to colleges and universities in PACE Digital Communications.
A picture of APEX Institute with Speed Mechanics

Why Speed Mechanics & the Apex Institute?

At Speed Mechanics, our emphasis is on education and building strong foundations while working at the right pace for each athlete’s ability. We believe that performing at your best is not simply showing up and going through the motions but also becoming a part of the process. Therefore, we promote a positive and engaging learning environment for athletes of all levels.

The staff at Speed Mechanics have performed and coached at professional and national levels. Their vast networks, higher education, and wealth of experience offer unparalleled value to all APEX athletes. As a result, our student-athletes gain the necessary speed, strength, and power required to compete at the highest levels without compromising long-term health or goals.

Tom G.

A picture of APEX Institute with Speed Mechanics

Simply put; to provide a safe engaging environment where students are challenged to express their best efforts. I have always strived to build a rapport with students in order to help them discover their best learning style and then utilize those strengths to help them empower their academic journey.

I have taught in Middle School, High School, Self-Directed Programs, International Student Programs, and most recently the “Zoom” reality of Hybrid Classrooms.

I have coupled my teaching career with individual and team sports coaching. In a 40 year career, I have coached high school rowing crews, volleyball and basketball teams, golf teams, and over the past 7 years baseball. I’ve always been able to utilize my Kinesiology – Physical Education background in order to relate curriculum to the needs of the students in my trust.


Register now for the upcoming Apex Institute 2023/2024 school year.

Submit your 500-word essay on why you want to participate in APEX and what you hope to achieve within the program. Email this to
Khyl Orser at [email protected].

The process begins April 01, 2023 and will remain open as long as you see the Register button below!