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Don’t live in Victoria? We have programs available for any athlete looking to elevate their game. Do you want to be faster, stronger, more explosive? Speed Mechanics offers three tiers of programming all designed to build you a bigger, stronger, faster engine with a stronger frame to withstand your new horsepower. The Bronze level programming is available for cyclists (both enduro’s and sprinters) and team sport athletes like soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, rugby, and football. Get elite level programming at a very reasonable price delivered right to your phone. If you want something more individualized and designed specifically for your sport and positional needs, then the Silver program is for you. This program begins with an initial 30-minute consultation where we assess your specific needs, goals, and available training space/time. Within this program, we will also work on goal setting to increase your level of success. If you want the ultimate coaching and programming and you want Speed Mechanics on your team, then the Gold program is for you. Here you will have everything you need for success in great detail. This program is not for the faint of heart or those on the fence of wanting to be great. This is the all or nothing program. You are all in and we are going to work and work smart together.

Pricing Packages


$ 50
/ month
  • Monthly speed program designed to improve speed, technique, strength, power
  • Fall/Winter or Summer sport options
  • Perfect to improve speed and power on the field/court/ice/track
  • Access to the Online Speed Mechanics Community and Resources


$ 250
/ month
  • Personalized speed program designed to improve speed, technique, strength, power, and athletic prowess
  • Initial consultation to better understand your unique situation and needs
  • Tailored to your seasonal needs and sport
  • Perfect to bring your speed, strength, and stamina to the next level on the field/court/ice/track
  • Access to the Bronze programming, community, and resources
  • Goal setting and monthly check-ins with with one of our elite coaches
  • Access to the Elite Speed Mechanics Community
  • Speed Mechanics t-shirt and hat


$ 750
/ month
  • Everything in the Silver package
  • Weekly Zoom check-ins with with one of our elite coaches
  • Unlimited email and text contact to assist and monitor your progress more closely

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