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Kinetix is all about the idea of movement and how it affects objects. In this case, we are the objects of interest. How does movement – force, velocity, torque, etc. – everything in high school physics you forgot about or never wanted to remember affects us. Don’t worry, we’re not teaching you physics or requiring any math skills to workout.

What does this mean for you? You can think of our options like a continuum. We have personal coaching, semi-private coaching, return to play for those recovering from injuries, hybrid memberships, group training, online coaching and some specialized add-ons.

A picture of Kinetix - Adult Training with Speed Mechanics
A picture of Kinetix - Adult Training with Speed Mechanics

Personal Coaching

Personalized instruction means that every second of your gym time is devoted to meeting your needs. Your personal coach can help you build a specific skill set, strengthen weak areas, rehab specific injuries, and stay motivated to reach your goals.

A picture of Kinetix - Adult Training with Speed Mechanics

Semi-Private Coaching

A picture of Kinetix - Adult Training with Speed Mechanics

Semi-private coaching is the best of personal coaching and group training packaged into one awesome session! These sessions are in groups of up to 4 people but could be 1-on-1 training. You receive an individualized training plan based on discussions and goal setting with your coach. Then we will find you sessions that work for your schedule. Our goal is to fill the session with like-minded people with similar goals. If you’re training for a marathon or the TC 10k, then we will aim to put others training for something similar in your sessions. Now you get the opportunity to train with like-minded people, push each other, and create new bonds, cheering on each other’s successes. All of this for 20% off Personal Coaching rates!

Return to Play

A picture of Kinetix - Adult Training with Speed Mechanics

This program is very similar to Semi-Private Coaching. The sessions are capped at 4 people as well, but these sessions are led by our physios or chiro and can be covered by medical insurance. To meet the criteria for this program, you must first be referred by one of our practitioners through an initial assessment. After which, one of our program leads will build a training plan for you to get back to work or play in your favourite activities! This is not just for athletes, but all walks of life, as we all have activities we want to get back to and enjoy.


Group Training

A picture of Kinetix - Adult Training with Speed Mechanics

There are many group fitness classes out there, so why should you care about us? We are bringing our knowledge and expertise of program design and injury reduction to adult training sessions. We have created a new program, Train Like an Athlete. Being an athlete or former athlete is not a requirement. We want to meet you where you are physically and build long-term progress and success into your training plan for health, longevity, and continuing playing at whatever level you want. We will have, starting May 1st, the following training sessions:

TLA – Strength & Power – These sessions are focused on building overall functional strength, muscle building, as well as incorporating plyometrics (jump training) for improved coordination, tissue health, and of course power.

TLA – Speed, Agility, Sports Skills – Learn how to sprint. Whether you’re a distance runner or play rec sports, you can improve your running efficiency and speed for better performance and reduced risk of injury. We will also include change of direction drills and have some fun incorporating different sports skills for improved coordination and FUN.

TLA – Metabolic Conditioning & Accessories – Build your work capacity with intention. Rather than doing the standard circuit training classes and do as much as possible, we will program specific-targeted training zones designed for specific adaptations. This will help you recover better for the next session while continuing to drive long-term progress.

TLA – Recovery & Regeneration – These will be our peaceful sessions designed, after a hard week of work, to help your nervous system recover. This will promote tissue adaptation, tissue health and quality, as well as restore movement. Now you are ready for the next week to continue your gains!

**Every person will receive their own training journal with their own training plan, PB sheet (Personal Bests), goals sheets for coaches to review, and quarterly testing to see your improvements from your hard work!

Add-On Services / Hybrid Memberships

Hybrid Memberships
Our Hybrid memberships are a combination of Group sessions and Personal Coaching. The idea is that you get the best of the two ends of the spectrum. If you wanted to train mostly in group sessions but wanted to work on specific skills in a 1-on-1 environment outside of group sessions, then this is the package for you! You can purchase your group training membership and add-on discounted personal coaching sessions with your favourite coach to sharpen those skills.

Nutritional Services
With physical goals, there can often be a nutritional component that will help to accelerate your success. Our registered dietitians offer different packages that can be added to any of our other memberships at a discounted rate.

Mental Performance
Much like nutrition being a component to your success, your mental power can be a huge piece of the puzzle. Whether you’re coming back from an injury, looking to improve your mental health and wellbeing or wanting to learn new skills to help you scale various barriers in your life, our Mental Performance Consultants (MPCs) can help you. They work with large corporations, entrepreneurs, athletes, teams, adults, kids, and injured populations. We often don’t realize the mental component to our success but work with our MPCs to help unlock new successes.

Last but not least, we have a full health clinic in our facility with physiotherapists, chiropractors, RMT’s and a naturopath. Anything you need help with, we have you covered. We do direct billing to all insurance companies as well as ICBC.

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