APEX Institute – Sports School

Sports school gym in Victoria, BC. Our gym’s sports school program, the APEX Institute, provides athletes with the training environment and education they need to excel at the next level.

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APEX Sports School Benefits

The sports school, APEX Institute, offers a multitude of benefits to athletes looking for the pathway to success. Our program and curriculum offer opportunities to build speed, strength, and power, along with other skills like time management, mental skills training, and nutritional understanding are important to be successful after high school and beyond.

Step 1. Apply

Assessment & Planning
Send a 500-word letter on why you want to join the program and what you want from the program. Include 1x coaches reference letter and 1x teacher reference letter.

Step 2. Interview & Acceptance

Our coaches will interview potential candidates and select the best athletes based on, not only athletic capabilities, but also the quality of character.

Step 3. Assess. Train. Dominate.

Build an athletic profile with our sport-specific testing. Goal-setting workshops to give direction. Implement the plan and go to work enhancing speed & agility, strength & power, conditioning, durability and robustness.

Step 4. Athletic Success

The evidence speaks for itself. We’ve played a pivotal role in guiding athletes to thousands of personal bests, securing podium positions, making crucial cuts, preparing for collegiate competition, achieving international success, and priming them for the grand stage of the Olympics!

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