November Speed Mechanics Update

November Update

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and had fun dressing up. We really enjoyed our celebration and Open House events on October 28 and 30.

Thank you to everyone who came out and toured our new space. Looking ahead into November, we have some more exciting news with the addition of three new coaches, big changes happening upstairs, and our Athlete of the Month. We also have a new membership structure that will allow for even more flexibility.

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Meet your Newest Coaches

Joining the team at Speed Mechanics, we have a new softball pitching coach, a new strength & conditioning (S&C) coach, and a new speed coach.

First up, welcome to the team, multi-Hall of Fame softball athlete and coach, Rob Guenter. Rob is joining the team to specifically work with our softball pitchers. Rob was previously the pitching coach for Softball Canada from 2010-2017.

Rob will be running new softball-specific pitching sessions on Monday’s at 4:00 – 5:00 pm for up to 4 members at a time.

Once we move into our new space on December 1st, he will have a second pitching session Monday nights from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. The second session will also be limited to 4 pitchers. Sign up ASAP and register for his sessions to ensure your spot – they will fill up quick!

Next up, welcome our newest S&C coach, Rylie Matthews. Rylie has recently moved here from Ogden, Utah, where she was the Assistant S&C Coach for an NCAA D1 school, Weber State University, working with basketball, softball, track & field, soccer, volleyball, and tennis.

While coaching, Rylie finished her master’s degree in communications. Previously, she completed her undergrad in exercise science while competing in track & field as a thrower and received the all-academic award two years in a row. Rylie will be an excellent addition to our team, bringing her experiences within the NCAA D1 system to Speed Mechanics.

Finally, our last addition joins us from Bristol, New Brunswick. Adrian “Ace” Kinney, is a former National Development team track & field athlete in the 100m. He is also a former athlete of Khyl Orser’s at St FX University where Adrian ran the 60m and 300m for indoor track.

Ace still holds a couple of records at X. Since racing, Adrian has been coaching speed at UNB and Dalhousie. He has been working with their track athletes as well as soccer and ice hockey athletes, including some professional hockey players in the AHL. We’re excited to bring Ace onboard to help us introduce speed-specific sessions as part of your AP memberships (to be discussed later).

Continuum Health Centre and Upstairs Expansion

November is going to see a lot of major changes happening upstairs. We are working tirelessly to get the gym ready, but also to prepare our new treatment facility, Continuum Health Centre by Speed Mechanics.

Continuum has 5 treatment rooms framed, a staff kitchen area, and an open movement space for acute rehabilitation. We have two bathrooms framed in the gym area, storage areas built out to store all our specialized sporting equipment, and stairs up to our mezzanine area.

Our mezzanine is being built out to include offices for our sports psychologist, registered dietitian, and clinical counsellor. We will also have offices for our coaching staff and a conference room overlooking our sports science center, the weight room, and field space.

In the gym space, we have had the pulleys and ropes installed for our new netted cages. The actual cages and frames will be installed early November and will include an electric winch to elevate them to the ceiling out of the way when the turf is being used. These cages will be 45’ long x 14’ wide x 14’ high. The cages will be great for athletes looking to practice hitting, pitching, shooting, or throwing for any sport.

Finally, our flooring in the gym is going to be laid November 17-25th. This will include our new 3,600 sqft turf, 6 new weightlifting platforms, and a special area for our sports science lab.

Once the floor is laid, everything you have seen downstairs will be moved upstairs, and there will be the addition of a few new pieces of equipment as well. Some of these pieces will be important to rehabilitation, target specific areas/movements, or help to add variety to athletes’ training plans.

Athlete of the Month – Hallie Holland

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Moving away from our expansion, we would like to congratulate our Athlete of the Month for November, from the Momentum program, Hallie Holland. Hallie actually won the AOTM back in September, but due to changes in contractors as they went back to school, Hallie was missed in the shuffle, so we wanted to celebrate her efforts again properly.

Hallie joined us early in the summer looking for a comprehensive training package that could help elevate her game to the next level as she transitioned from a school in Texas to the College of Idaho. She is going into her third year of psychology with a minor in human performance and a specialization in coaching.

“Training was awesome this summer. I accomplished so much more than I ever could have training on my own. I really enjoyed having a personalized training program and being around other high-performance athletes who were all working towards the same type of goals.”

Hallie Holland

She was in 5-days per week, working with the head coaches, Rob Hooper and Khyl Orser, as well as our sports psychologist, Zoran Stojkovic. Hallie has a great work ethic and really became apart of her own training by being present at each session, asking questions, and communicating how her body was responding to everything. We are very excited to see her success this coming year. As a Speed Mechanics team, we plan on going to UBC when Hallie’s team visits this spring to cheer her on.

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New Membership Structure

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Lastly, our membership changes! Currently, our model for the AP Program has the Super Flex, Flex, and Unlimited options which are 1x, 3x, and 5x per week, respectively. Each of these levels have the option to add baseball as well.

We are going to open AP options up so there is even more flexibility as schedules continue to get crazier with sports back in full swing, schools in full-time, and parents back at the offices. We will have options for the AP Program ranging from 1 – 5 sessions per week and we will have the same add-ons for baseball/softball sessions as well (See prices below).

The way it will work is if you have purchased 1-2 training sessions per week, the maximum amount of baseball/softball sessions you can purchase is 2 sessions per week. If you purchase 3 or more training sessions per week, then you can purchase up to 5 baseball/softball sessions per week as well.

These new AP options will start when Speed Mechanics moves upstairs, come December first. Current membership pricing will be grandfathered in our system until you decide to amend your membership. Current special organization offers will remain as well. New AP options can be purchased or changed on your portal account. If memberships holds need to be completed, members will be required to phone in to our reception desk at 778-433-7737.

If you have any questions regarding changes to your account, please contact our reception at

AP Sessions$ / monthBB / SBAdd’l $ / mo.Total Cost / mo.
1$135.00 2$82.50$217.50
3$265.00 2$82.50$347.50
3$265.00 3$100.00$365.00
3$265.00 4$117.50$382.50
3$265.00 5$135.00$400.00
4$325.00 2$82.50$407.50
4$325.00 3$100.00$425.00
4$325.00 4$117.50$442.50
4$325.00 5$135.00$460.00
5$370.00 1$65.00$435.00
5$370.00 2$82.50$452.50
5$370.00 3$100.00$470.00
5$370.00 4$117.50$487.50

Thanks for Reading!

We are looking forward to a great upcoming training season as we continue to grow and expand our offering. Stay tuned for more exciting progressions, additions, and program offerings.

All the best from the Team at Speed Mechanics!