December Speed Mechanics Update

December Update
November is over and the Holidays are coming! Welcome to our December newsletter. We have a very big December coming with new classes, new coaches, and new camps. We have our new Athlete of the Month, and finally, there are a lot of major movements happening upstairs in our new space.
New BIO STEEL hydration fridge at speed mechanics high performance facility

Coach Update

Starting this December, we are excited to open our new “AP – Speed & Agility” sessions with Adrian Kinney. These sessions will be a part of your regular AP membership, and you will not need to purchase an extra speed pass.

These sessions will be focused on the development of proper sprinting mechanics and which physical qualities make faster and more explosive athletes. They will complement our “AP – Strength & Power” sessions well. If you currently have 3x AP sessions, or our AP Flex membership, then two sessions could be used for strength and one session used for speed, or vice versa.

You could even focus all three sessions towards speed if you really wanted to, but we strongly recommend finding a balance between strength, power, and speed.

Through November and into December we have seen the arrival of two out of three of our new coaches. Rob Guenter has been running softball pitching sessions on Mondays from 4:00-5:00 pm. With a cap of four participants per session, the girls have been receiving National team-level coaching in a highly focused environment. There is still room for one or two pitchers looking for individual focus to elevate their performance to the next level.

At the end of November, Adrian “Ace” Kinney (previously mentioned), has joined the team all the way from New Brunswick. He is joining us from the University of New Brunswick where he was working with their ice hockey, soccer, and track athletes in speed development and technique.

Ace has been honing his craft as a sprint coach, working with athletes from the elite and professional level all the way down to the rising stars at the grassroots level. Adrian will be taking on new personal clients, small groups, leading our new AP – Speed & Agility sessions, and running our Speed and Agility Camps over the holidays. Look for him around the facility and be sure to say hi.

Finally, our new strength & conditioning coach, Rylie Matthews, is on her way up from Utah in the middle of December. She is joining us after her trials and sliding with Bobsleigh USA at Park City, UT.

Rylie is a powerhouse herself as an athlete, but also a very experienced coach joining us from a D1 school in the Big Sky Conference. She has been the S&C coach for softball, men’s and women’s soccer, and track & field. We can’t wait for her to join us in December, get her feet wet in the Speed Mechanics culture, and become a major contributing team member in the New Year as we move into our new training space.

Speed Mechanics Sport Camps

Speed Mechanics Sport Camps are sport-specific multi-session training courses to help athletes hone their skills

As we approach the holiday season, we are excited to announce our Sport Camps taking place this holiday season! On December 18th and 19th, Logan Wedgewood will be hosting Catching Camp at the Speed Mechanics facility from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm both days.

This will give catchers 4 hours each day of focused instruction and drills to improve their skills behind the dish. Catchers will work on blocking, receiving, pitch calling, throwing to second, pop-up strategy, communication with the defense and the pitcher, and positioning within plays.

Whether you’re in softball or baseball, if you’re a catcher, you will sharpen your skills for the upcoming season.

The Speed & Agility Camps run Dec. 20-23 and 27-30 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm each day, led by Speed Coach Adrian Kinney.

In week 1, technical models are covered to unlock an athlete’s hidden speed potential, emphasizing in-sport performance. In week 2, the training wheels come off.

Each athlete is given a chance to hone their newly developed skills and take their performance to the next level. By the end of week 2, each athlete will have received personalized video feedback and a sport-specific action plan.

Additionally, athletes can attend a combination of two camps for a reduced price. Catchers can work to improve their speed and catching skills; alternatively, athletes would have the opportunity to enroll for two weeks of Speed & Agility and double up their speed! Look to sign up for these Winter Sports Camps online or in the facility, starting December 1st.

Athlete of the Month – Garen Geoghegan

Speed Mechanics Garen athlete of the month for December

Moving from camps and coaches, we want to celebrate December’s Athlete of the Month, Garen Geoghegan from the Junior Premier Eagles.

Garen has been with us since the beginning and has seen a massive increase in performance over the last year. His 10m sprint times have gone from over 2.0 sec down to 1.89 sec and his 20m time dropped down 3.25 sec. Garen is in every day working with our coaches on speed, strength, hitting, and pitching.

He is very quickly becoming a leader in the facility and beast on the field. We are looking forward to seeing what he and the rest of his Eagles teammates accomplish during the 2022 season.

Speed Mechanics Garen athlete of the month for December

Facility Progress Report

SpeedEblast Construction2 Blog

Finally, we have some updates on the new facility.

We have completed the framing in both Continuum and the High Performance (HP) facility. The ceiling has been painted throughout and looks sharp. Most of the new equipment has arrived and now we are moving onto the finer details of the build.

SpeedEblast Equipment Blog

We are looking to have the gym interior done and cages hung in December. Continuum is starting to get built out as well, with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC (heat!). Things are moving and happening.

We have had a couple minor delays which will push our opening back to February 1st because of roads being washed away and transportation halted by the Ministry of Transportation. We are very confident though, that February will be the Grand Opening! We will continue to update you as we build.

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Seasons Greetings!

We want to wish happy holidays to everyone and hope you have some great family time. Come in for the holiday Sport Camps, say hi, and we look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year!