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strength and conditioning to prevent injury

Training for Performance vs Training for Injury Prevention

Over the past decade, the idea of injury prevention has grown. This viewpoint has filtered into athletics training, and now people – parents, athletes, coaches, trainers, practitioners – are overly concerned about injury prevention without fully understanding what this notion accurately depicts.

strength training for golf

Strength Training in Golf

Golf is often represented as only a mental and skill-oriented sport. Yes, the mental aspect is critical, however, the physical demand of the sport is also very high. The new age of elite golfers does not look like the golfers of old.

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5 Buzz Words or Phrases in the Fitness and Performance World That We Need to Stop Using

Every industry has its catchphrases or terminology that anyone not familiar with the industry does not understand or only understands superficially. The health and fitness…

The Powerful Athlete

Developing The Powerful Athlete

In the weight room, most people concentrate on strength. The focus tends to be on the maximum weight for a bench press or a back…

Training Without Facilities

As we have all had to practice social distancing recently, gyms and rec centers are all closed. For many of us, this will significantly reduce…

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As a Cyclist Should You Be Strength Training?

I was asked the other day by one of my cycling athletes, “what should I do in-season for weight training? What do you recommend?” I…