Education Options For Young Athletes On a Pro Path

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Today’s student-athletes may aspire to become professional athletes, represent their country nationally, or compete in the Olympics. They have full schedules where demands from sport and school obligations contribute to a hectic school-sport-life balance. It would be very easy to feel as if their schedule didn’t seem to have enough hours in the day.

Speed Mechanics is tackling those challenges head-on by introducing the APEX Institute.

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APEX removes the burden of having to balance busy schedules, school courses, and timetables (as well as transporting kids to and from numerous activities), and puts these activities all under one roof. Parents can get caught running kids all over for many after-school activities and when your student-athlete is on a path to attaining a higher level of sports performance, parents may catch themselves wishing their young athletes had more time in their day.

Addressing The Number 1 Challenge For Student-Athletes: Balance

It’s no secret that the various needs of high-performance athletes are difficult to meet in the regular school environment. APEX provides education and training options that honor the unique demands of elite athletes who are aiming at taking their academic and athletic careers to the highest level.

Learning & Training Under One Roof

Having an in-house teacher and classroom affords athletes a dedicated place to work on core courses and elective classes while having unrestricted access to your Speed Mechanics coaches and training environment – all in the same facility,

Training and learning under one roof is essential to anyone aspiring to become a professional athlete because it saves them valuable time.

The student-athlete environment at APEX Institute is designed to be stress-free with its own classroom space designated for completing educational requirements. What’s connected to that classroom? A state-of-the-art training facility – perfect for our athletes to complete their sport-specific training.

The Answer

Having access to expert coaches, sports science testing equipment, and a fully integrated support team (IST) will ensure all APEX student-athletes have the resources in place to successfully level up.

One of the most important things to remember is that young athletes are both students and athletes, not one or the other – The APEX Institute integrates this into a seamless experience.


What Does APEX Stand For?

APEX is an acronym that represents the four pillars of athlete education:

  • Athletics
  • Preparation
  • Education
  • EXperiential

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From APEX:

APEX provides education and training options that honour the unique demands of elite athletes who are aiming at taking their academic and athletic careers to the highest level.”

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