What Is The 5-0-5 Test?

5 0 5 Test

The 5-0-5 test is a popular agility test, with numeric values representing five yards and five seconds. This test requires the participant to sprint five yards as fast as possible, then turn around and sprint back five yards. 

The 5-0-5 test is a good way to measure and evaluate a client’s speed, agility, and ability to change directions quickly. 

The 5-0-5 Test

The test essentially consists of sprinting five yards as fast as possible, then turning around and sprinting back five yards, using alternating legs to turn on. 

Clients can use the 5-0-5 test to measure their progress and improve their performance. 

When doing the 5-0-5 test, it must be done in a controlled environment to ensure that each test is run under the same conditions.

Performing the test on indoor turf is preferred, to avoid windy days and wet surfaces. Keeping the environment consistent will help to identify gains across different testing days.


Before doing a 5-0-5 test, it is important to be properly warmed up because the test is high intensity. A good warm-up might include some light jogging, dynamic stretching, and muscle activation exercises, but it should also consist of the biomechanics that will be used during the test.

A light cooldown 3-5 minutes before the test is also recommended.

Performing The Test

The test requires 6 cones, a stopwatch or timing gates, and 2 test administrators.

First, participants ready themselves on the start line at the first cone in a standing split position. For the results of the test to be reliable, it’s important for the participant to use the same starting stance every time.

If the test administrators are using a stopwatch, then the timekeeper must stand at the finish line and perform the countdown in addition to timing the sprint. The other test administrator must be positioned on the turn-around line to officiate the performance and ensure that the athlete’s foot touches the line.

When the participant is in the start position, a test administrator counts down “3 – 2 – 1 – GO” and starts the timer.

On the “GO” signal, the participant must sprint to the 15m line, turn on their RIGHT leg, and sprint back 5m through the finish line as quickly as possible. During the turn, the participant MUST NOT touch their inside hand to the floor.

Next, this movement is repeated, except this time the participant turns on their LEFT leg. After this, they will continue to alternate the turning leg between the right and left leg.

The participant MUST touch the “turn-around line” on each effort. Failing to place their foot on or across this line results in a failed attempt. It’s encouraged to place the foot on the line rather than across it for better consistency across test results.

The participant must complete a minimum of three attempts, with each separated by a 2 – 3 minute rest.

If the participant falls or takes an extra step, their time will be recorded, however, this will not count as a successful 5-0-5 test.

Additionally, the 5-0-5 test may be adapted for sport-specific testing. For example, the athlete could bounce a basketball or dribble a soccer ball through the course.