College Level Speed & Strength Training

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The requirement for athletes to possess speed and strength is undeniable. As top-tier training becomes more and more important to athletes, the local landscape has become more competitive – and athletes have begun to look for high-performance facilities to get them there. In Victoria, British Columbia, Speed Mechanics has put together an Elite Collegiate level training program called Momentum.

Training begins with an elite Strength & Conditioning Team that can take even the most experienced athlete and put them in a position to level up. Momentum athletes will also have full access to the sports science department and will receive monthly reports on their breakthrough achievements.

Athletes going into college or currently attending college will get a detailed point-by-point training plan – speed, strength, power, and energy system growth focused on your position and sport.

Athletes will receive coaching during two-hour training sessions. Morning and afternoon timeslots are available, for flexibility. Athletes in the program are also granted full access to the facility during open hours. Athletes get tested on sprinting, agility, force plates (jumping/landing mechanics, vertical jumping, force-velocity profiling), intermittent fitness testing, and sport-specific protocols.

Momentum athletes have access to state-of-the-art sports science equipment on-site – force plates, a force plate treadmill for full sprinting biomechanical analysis, timing gates, PUSH bands, speed radar, and GymAware. There is access to a range of health practitioners. For example, a mental performance coach can assist in leveling up – where athletes can strengthen their inner cutting edge in pursuit of realizing their greatest potential.

The Momentum program will support the rehabilitation of previous injuries, aimed at working towards getting the athlete back in full swing for the start of the season.

Speed Mechanics provides full access to an integrated support team (IST) that will work collaboratively to best prepare each athlete, aiding off-season gains. Collaboration between S&C coaches, practitioners, and the athlete is highly prioritized as an integral component of the program to best prepare Momentum members during their off-season.

Also available is access to a detailed nutrition plan to aid in maximizing performance and growth. Nutritional tracking and monitoring (via MyFitnessPal) is included in the program’s top-tier option and is necessary for elite athletes who are interested in approaching their training holistically.

The Momentum program leaves no stone unturned.

If your season is over/coming to an end or you’re missing your collegiate training setting – make Speed Mechanics a part of your training team! The Momentum program is available all year round, ready to tailor to your needs, even from a distance. If you’re serious about levelling up, then Momentum collegiate training is the speed and strength program for you.