Getting Started With Power And Speed Training

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Starting out in anything you do in life has a learning curve. Power and speed training is no different.

It can be frustrating when you don’t know where to start. It is imperative that you are humble enough to recognize that you or your athlete needs an instructor.

Starting at level 1, each athlete will receive initial assessments that will be used to customize their training. Together, we will set goals, which will be reevaluated continually. Only until the athlete exhibits consistent proficiency will they move to the next level.

With Speed Mechanics, you will advance in four ranks:

  2. BOOST

Within those four ranks, there are three levels to complete.

During ACTIVATE we will introduce movement in sprints, posture, patterns, and positions.

BOOST will consist of building upon ACTIVE by adding more foundational intensity. Throughout BOOST the athlete will have a better understanding of a base and of movement. Here, we are progressing their ability to change direction and make better in-game decisions.

Graduating to the next rank of CHALLENGE, we will explore performance maximization and power increase. At this stage, the athlete will be knowledgeable and have the ability to navigate their way around the weight room. Along with confidence in strength and speed comes a thirst for more. This is also the point at which we see leaders emerge.

Once you have successfully smashed through the first three ranks, you will arrive at DOMINATE. At this stage, we will equip the athlete with college attributes that will be necessary to compete at the next level. This will be preparing the athlete for specializing in your respective sport.

This is also the stage in which we are fine-tuning specific attributes to build upon your rock-solid foundation. You may experience some challenges which will require critical thinking and in turn develop much-needed leadership skills.

This training program is full of short-term goals that help build an athlete from the physical and mental side. Athletes find out a lot about themselves and what they are capable of achieving on and off the field.

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