Navigating Sports & Academics

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Balancing sports and academics can be challenging. However, having a sound game plan will help manage the challenges that student-athletes face.

Coordinating Schedules

Prioritizing your time and setting small goals will help. Actively using a weekly planner allows you to get in front of events, activities, sessions, or classes that may otherwise become lost in the shuffle of navigating a busy schedule.

Another thing to consider is building a good relationship with your teachers. Having a good line of communication with your teacher is extremely important.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Understanding where you stand academically.
  • Schedule building to better allot time where it’s needed.
  • Relaying to your teacher your sports commitments and how to best overcome obstacles if any occur.

Managing Stress

Building those lines of communication can also leave you feeling less stressed and more confident in where you are on your journey.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed with the demands put on you as a student-athlete, take a step back, take a breather and remember most teachers and coaches are willing to work with you.

Your teachers will most certainly have your back when you need it – good teachers and coaches will always be pulling for you, especially if you have developed working, stable relationships.

Navigating Commitments

Juggling numerous commitments can always be tricky. However, providing sufficient time for each commitment will make you feel less stressed and more organized.

You will have a big game coming up at some point, and being caught up on the school front can make grinding in your sport much more satisfying, allowing you to really put in the work.

Becoming a superior athlete takes commitment, and sometimes that expectation can be flat-out tough to uphold. Bringing teachers and coaches into the fold is one way to solve this dilemma.

Bringing It All Together

At Speed Mechanics, the APEX Institute has been strategically designed – as an integrated support system for academics and sport. The APEX Institute aims to eliminate some of the harsh realities that being a student-athlete in high school demands of you.

The approach in this program is to bring academics and sports training under one cohesive roof.

An APEX Institute teacher and classroom offer a dedicated place to work on core courses and elective classes.

Time Management For Parents Of Athletes

Solving time management problems for parents can also be tough. From being pulled in different directions to navigating complicated transportation logistics, careful planning and attention is required to lessen the impact on others, especially if siblings are in the mix.

Having a state-of-the-art facility for sports training and an in-house education solution aims at resolving those concerns.

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