Reach Your Highest Potential With Tailored Training Plans

Training Atheltes

For athletes who want to reach their highest potential, having a sound training plan—one designed specifically for them—is the only way to go.

Whether you want to get stronger, faster, or more efficient with your movement patterns in a specific sport, having a detailed plan made just for you will elevate your game to the next level.

But first, getting a physical assessment of where you currently stand is crucial for your future development. This is the first step you need to complete on your journey to jump further, run faster, and gain more power and strength overall.

It’s a familiar sight: Eager young athletes over-training; going far beyond their own stress limits in a misguided attempt to improve their game. While their intentions are good, over-training tends to have the exact opposite effect. It’s one of the quickest paths to fatigue, burnout, and potential injury.

Nobody should feel excessively stressed while making themselves into better athletes; it should be an experience that can be easily followed and maintained.

Obviously, every athlete is unique—and so a tailored training plan that perfectly fits the needs of the individual athlete, rather than a general plan designed for the “average person,” is crucial for efficient and effective athletic improvement.

Every sport has its demands, and focusing on achieving those demands in a gym setting – through sport-specific training – will translate on the field.

Starting training and promoting good habits at a young age is important to achieve the necessary coordination required to excel as a high-level athlete. A well-tailored training program also includes diet and good sleep habits.

Speed Mechanics provides a great foundation for getting athletes to reach their 100%—whether they’re currently performing at 90% or 1%.

Speed Mechanics Accelerator Program AP

The Speed Mechanics Accelerator Program has 4 ranks:

  1. Activate
  2. Boost
  3. Challenge
  4. Dominate

Each of these ranks is split into three levels. When an athlete can consistently demonstrate competency in one of these levels, they move up to the next level.

This program can be personalized for everyone; from absolute beginners to seasoned, college-level athletes.

Speed Mechanics’ training programs utilize state-of-the-art sports-science testing protocols to understand your own body’s biomechanics, and how to help you level up in your sport. Professional on-site coaches and practitioners are available to guide you through your daily training routines where an emphasis is put on age-appropriate programming – suited to individuals, highlighting areas for athletic improvement.

For athletes who have suffered an injury, Speed Mechanics’ Return To Play (RTP) program includes strength training, speed training, change of direction, agility, jumping, and landing. The caring coaches and practitioners at Speed Mechanics work diligently to get each and every sidelined athlete prepared for sport-specific forces, velocities, and impacts associated with returning to play.

No matter who you are or what your situation is, the coaches at Speed Mechanics can help you level up your performance and reach your full athletic potential—and it all starts with personally customized training plans.