May Speed Mechanics Update

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April showers have passed, which means that May flowers are in full bloom, the days are getting longer, and many teams are entering their off-seasons. For the Speed Mechanics coaches, May also means that summer training has arrived!

Why train over the summer? Without regular practices or games, it can be easy for young athletes to lose their competitive edge. Summer training ensures that you not only stay in peak physical performance, it also gives you an opportunity to focus your attention on identifying and improving areas of weakness and strength. Then, in the fall, you’re still in top shape, often leaps and bounds ahead of your teammates and opponents.

If you’re not already set up for summer training, check out our AP program or come for a free session as a new member.

Introducing Coach Joni Frei

Joni Frei

We are excited to announce that Joni Frei has joined the Speed Mechanics team! Frei has a long list of Coaching & Athlete credentials and we couldn’t be more stoked about getting such an awesome coach on board with us!

Originally from Kelowna B.C., Joni was inducted into the Georgia College and State University Athletics Hall of Fame in 2018. She is a Chartered Professional Coach and NCCP Competition Development coach through the Coaching Association of Canada. Joni serves as an NCCP Master Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator for Softball B.C. as well as a Multi-Sport Facilitator in Mentorship, Managing Conflict, Empowerment, and Teaching & Learning modules.

Make sure to say hello to Joni the next time you are here!

Momentum Collegiate Program

With university officially done for the year, our Collegiate program Momentum is up and running at full steam with over 10 athletes signing up in the first week back. We are very excited to see those summer gains and see how incredible everyone performs in the fall.

There are still spots available for this elite training, high-performance program. Even if you’re not in college but training for Junior hockey or another elite competition this program is still for you! Sign up today or call us for more information!

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