September Speed Mechanics Update

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Back to school!

Welcome back! We’re back to school and into fall training. As we all transition back to school and back to work, we want to update you on what the fall is looking like. The big things to touch on are the new Athlete of the Month, training opportunities this fall, updating our new space, and the vaccine passport.

Athlete of the Month – Hallie Holland

September Athlete of the Month Hallie1 1

Starting things off, our Athlete of the Month for September is going to one of our collegiate athletes from the Momentum program, Hallie Holland.

Hallie joined us early in the summer looking for a comprehensive training package that could help elevate her game to the next level as she transitioned from a school in Texas to the College of Idaho.

Hallie is going into her third year of psychology with a minor in human performance and a specialization in coaching.

“Training was awesome this summer. I accomplished so much more than I ever could have training on my own. I really enjoyed having a personalized training program and being around other high-performance athletes who were all working towards the same type of goals.”


She was in 5-days per week, working with the head coaches, Rob Hooper and Khyl Orser, as well as our sports psychologist, Zoran Stojkovic. Hallie has a great work ethic and really became a part of her own training by being present at each session, asking questions, and communicating how her body was responding to everything.

We are very excited to see her success this coming year. As a Speed Mechanics team, we plan on going to UBC when Hallie’s team visits this fall to cheer her on.


Fall Training Programs

This autumn, we are running our AP Program, the APEX Institute (sports school), and our track sessions on Saturdays.

Our AP program is now offering three different membership levels – Super Flex (1x), Flex (3x), and Unlimited (5x) – that can be purchased online and can include the addition of baseball training as an add-on. This will help create more flexibility for athletes trying to navigate busy training schedules.

We also have a new Return to Play program that is included into your AP membership. The Return to Play program is for any athlete that gets injured or has a chronic injury; they can come in for an assessment with our athletic therapist, Naomi Ogawa, and she will then build a specific training plan to address the injury and compensations that may be occurring around that injury.

The goal is to work your way back into the regular training, but under the guidance of a professional. The athletes will also continue to train the rest of the body around the injury in order to reduce the detraining effect that goes with the traditional “rest it” approach with injuries (which rarely works). 

The research shows, in general, it is best to keep moving and this is our approach to getting our athletes back to training as quickly and safely as possible. We will work with any medical practitioners that you may be working with as well such as doctors, physiotherapists, and more.

Speed Mechanics is Levelling Up

Now it is time for the exciting news from upstairs in our new space.

We have almost gutted the space completely, and construction will begin shortly. We have been interviewing practitioners including physiotherapists, chiropractors, registered massage therapists, and exercise physiologists.

Our team is growing and expanding. We will release more details next month with specific profiles, but we are very excited about the expansion of our team. We are also bringing onboard a new Sports Dietitian who specializes in nutrition for youth athletes, as well as female athlete nutrition.

We have been working with a Sports Psychologist as well, but we will be bringing him onboard now to work with some of our different programs and offer his services at a special Speed Mechanics member rate. As we solidify our offering, we will release our new practitioner profiles and open pre-bookings next month.


Vaccine Passport

Now for the less sexy, but very important matters of the vaccine passport.

On Monday, September 13th, we will be requiring everyone to show proof of vaccination to train at Speed Mechanics.

As stated by the Provincial Health Order, patrons must have received a single dose of the vaccine and provide proof through their vaccine card or through the passport which can be found on your health services app.

After October 24th, patrons must have received two doses of the vaccine or a single Johnson and Johnson vaccine and must provide proof once again.

As you arrive at Speed Mechanics, we will confirm your passport and then note it on your account so we will only have to check it once. We will also note if you have received one or two doses.

It is extremely important that everyone continues to scan their FOB at the front door as this is part of our contact tracing and helps us keep everyone safe.

This will be in effect until January 31st, 2022 but may be extended. If your child is under the age of 12, they will not be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Thanks for Reading!

We are looking forward to a great fall training season as we continue to grow and expand our offering. Stay tuned for more exciting progressions, additions, and program offerings.

All the best from the Team at Speed Mechanics!